Sunday, October 2, 2011

Grapes 2011

We had an incredible harvest from our grapes this year- 4 large boxes. The Thompson green seedless grape (that still produces a seed in our region) did amazing! Huge grapes in very large clusters. The concord grapes still produced well but the grapes were a smaller size and the clusters were smaller as well.

We didn't heavily prune this season so the large leaves hid a lot of the grapes and we didn't have any problems with birds this year, we didn't even net the grapes.

Notes for years going forward:

1. To check for ripeness, taste the grapes to see if they are sweet, pop out the seed to see if the seed has changed from a light green to a dark brown. Once dark brown they are ready.
2. Harvest in 2-3 different sessions. Picking everything in one day was way too much.

We processed 2/3 of our grapes into 70 quarts of grape juice and gave away the remaining 1/3.

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