Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Honeoye Junebearing Strawberries

My 3 year old daughter divides the year into two sections- when strawberries are growing in the backyard and when she is waiting for the strawberries to start growing. She is in heaven starting late May when these berries appear and sheds a few tears at the end of June when the crop finishes. Then the long wait begins until they arrive next spring.

She has renamed these berries as "sweetie-sweets" as they are so sweet compared to the store varieties. When you place grocery store varieties side by side to home grown berries, they really can't compare.

The Honeoye variety sold from Gurneys is our favorite as they are a large, extra sweet, deep red berry. We have had them for several years and they still produce a large berry with a yield of 3-4 cups a day for 5-6 weeks. We started with 4 varieties of berries and loved the Honeoye so much, we ripped out the other 3 varieties and have stayed loyal ever since.

They are amazing fresh, fantastic frozen and make a great jam.

Average crop when we pick every other day (minus how many we eat while picking):

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