Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dehydrated Peaches

Dipping Solution (for color retention)
1 ½ cup water
½ cup sugar
½ cup honey

Combine water, sugar and honey in a medium sauce pan, then heat until sugar dissolves. Set aside.

Wash peaches, then dip in boiling water for 30-60 seconds, then submerge in cold water. Peel, remove pit, then slice each half in 5-6 slices. Dip slices in solution (see above), then pat dry with paper towels.

Fill dehydrator trays with a single layer of peaches with at least ½” of spacing between fruit. Follow dehydrators directions for drying process. Once dry, store in ziplock bags.

We try to make a huge batch of these each August/September with Lemon Elberta Peaches. They are a perfect snack! I have two Nesco dehydrators and it takes 5-6 hours to dry a full batch of peaches. Start to finish (including set up, prep and clean up) it takes about an hour to get two full batches of peaches drying- but worth every minute.

If you start a batch in the evening and they aren’t quite finished when you’re ready for bed- just unplug the dehydrators for the evening, then plug them back in first thing in the morning.

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  1. I did a batch and I'm pretty sure I ate half of them before they made it to the bags! I added just a pinch of cinnamon to the syrup and love the flavor it added. I also sprinkled cinnamon sugar on a few of them...not quite as great.